CG Radio has been around for a long while hopping from one internet radio station to the next seeking the radio station that would entertain its format and its style of a radio show. The show's format was the standard dj/host format however when possible we will feature djs from our entire roster working on a rotating schedule so the listener does not know whom they are going to be listening to every week.

Our artist roster: Cyber Groove AM Roster.

With our amount of talent on a rotating schedule all having their unique sound ensured for an enjoyable listening experience for the listener.

We are now changing up the format once again to be a guest interview driven podcast focusing on bettering the electronic music scene through speech. We will be interviewing our industries business professionals in addition to the musicians that drive this scene. We will be providing industry tips and amazing stories from our guests' and our history and of course what we are up to in the present time. We will still keep the music alive as well as part of our format by featuring our artists and special guests to be part of this podcast. The use of our roster, as well as guests will allow for freedom and movement to get the best show out to the people. Since the members of our roster are spread out throughout the world, this allows for high ranking special guests as well as a great opportunity for everyone involved.

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